Package selection

At LOGOWRENCH, we are offering multiple packages for social media design to help you unleash your social presence. If you are perplexed about which package will be the right pick for you, our customer support officers will guide you about every package and help you make the right selection.



This is where the package actually starts. We will provide you with a questionnaire comprising of questions about the project. The briefing will be done via a few calls and some clarifying emails. We will discuss about your brand, market niche and the competitors. This will give us a better idea about the direction we should steer to.



Based on the design brief, we will create some concepts to give your design an initial direction. Once the designs are ready, we’ll show them to you for review. Changes will be made after your feedback. Refining process will be continued until and unless you are completely satisfied with the designs.


Design Employment & Page Customization

Now the design we have created for the header banner of the social media page will be employed on the social pages. You need to provide us access to your social media pages. We’ll place your logo in the design as per the header banner so that the graphics can blend in well. We will also optimize and customize your Twitter page.


Design Delivery

Since you might need the designs in future, therefore we’ll provide you with the design files in different applicable sizes and formats for your respective social media fan pages. The designs we provide are sure to work well for your social media existence. You can also ask us for your desired design format.

Have an initial idea for your project?

Our consultants will work with you to translate into a million dollar venture