Every brand has a story, so do yours and we are pleased to hear it. We listen to your mission and vision in order to grasp the essence of your story that you wish to communicate to your target audience. We decide about the deadline of the project and its budget requirements. This information we reveal about your product or service will in to your script, storyboard and animation.



It’s not your message that appeals; it is the way you communicate it. Whether you want us to script your video or want to do this on your own, either way we are ever ready to help you. Our professional script writers will write an engaging, enticing script that works. Primarily, scripting involves dialogues, but includes scenes and storyboarding as well.



On the finalized script, our storyboard artist starts working on the storyboard. A digital representation of each scene of the video is created. This shows how the video will be looking visually and how all scenes are synched with each other. Also, you can have an idea about the colors and feel of the entire animation. If you feel anything is missing in the video, do let us know.


Voice Over

Once the storyboarding is done, we help you get the best voice for your brand message and budget. Our voiceover artists are blessed with clarity of speech and the inflections that will touch the hearts and minds of your viewers. Recorded audio is full of distortions. We used specialized systems to make the voice and custom audio effects as clear as possible.



Animation demands time, depending on the video length and scenes. The process integrates the storyboard and voiceover into the whole moving animation. The animator will split each layer apart and dexterously animate all the pieces to synch with the voice over. If required, a final touch will be given to the audio, such as the music and sound effects as per the scenes.



Now that the process is completed and all copyrights are secured, we will deliver an HD resolution video to you as per on your technical requirements. We will also mail you a URL using which you can easily download the video. You now own a resplendently short, clear, and engaging marketing tool: an animated video. Let your explainer video get exposed to the world!

Have an initial idea for your project?

Our consultants will work with you to translate into a million dollar venture