Design Brief

A clear understanding of your ideas & sufficient amount of details are a must to meet your expectations. To get deeper into your vision, we ask you to fill up a questionnaire comprising of all the necessary questions that must be answered at the outset of your project. This session further encompasses some clarification mails and calls. From selecting a suitable package to picking out the right font, our consultants will guide you throughout the process.


Research & brainstorming

After coaxing all the necessary information from you, we’ll put to use our research capabilities to grasp the essence of your brand message, targeted audience, competitors, and other uncovered particulars. Based on the researched facts, we’ll start sketching the design concepts while keeping you in touch to suggest further ideas. This will help us unleash all the possibilities associated with your logo design. Till this step, you can flesh out your ideas & keywords.


Initial Drafts

Sketching ideas lead to the formation of initial drafts. This phase involves the experimentation of different typefaces, color, and alignments. We use Adobe Illustrator for the digital implementation of the logo concepts. After creating the initial drafts, the designs are presented to you for the feedback and revisions (if required). This process gives a better insight into how will your logo look like in different colors and with various typefaces.



There is always a room for improvement and thus we open up the designs to you so that you can make desired amendments. We’ll not be giving up on the revisions, until and unless the design earns your complete satisfactions. Our outclass designers are ever ready to go an extra mile to deliver the best possible solutions; thus you can rest assured that you are not going to leave discontentedly from Logowrench.


Final Delivery

Just select the way you want the logo to be delivered and have it at your disposal the very next moment. This is the final step of the process. We can mail your design; fax it, or whatever means on earth to want for the delivery. The finals files are sent in various format and sizes to facilitate its application in various mediums, like on products, prints or the website. You can also get your logo in a monochrome form.

Have an initial idea for your project?

Our consultants will work with you to translate into a million dollar venture